Elizabethans and virginity

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elizabethans and virginity
The value of the ship did not lie in innate quality the ship possessed; instead it lay explicitly in what the ship carried. This worth has little protection, and is easily destroyed. Female virginity is a similarly perilous concept. Virginity is hard to quantify: when does one cross the line from virgin to not-virgin?
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Elizabeth I’s love life: was she really a ‘Virgin Queen’?

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Elizabethan Virginity | Shakespeare Comes Alive!

Many could argue that since he discovers Hero, his fiance, sleeping with another man the night before their wedding, Claudio is more concerned with the infidelity of this act. This, of course, refers to the strict adherence to purity and chastity that both churches that ruled England on and off during the Tudor dynasty the Protestant Church of England and the Catholic Holy Roman Empire supported and enforced. Virginity and maidenhood were bargaining tools for women at this time and perhaps the only real asset they could lay claim to; as a maiden, a woman had a greater ability to choose her destiny and rise in society. However, once virginity was lost outside of marriage, outside of a husband, a woman lost her only power. Many could argue that Claudio shames her before their wedding congregation because he is hurt by her infidelity. Previous to the Tudor dynasty in the Middle Ages, sexuality was far freer and while stigmas around the loss of virginity were present, they were of a less dominant discourse. Therefore Shakespeare combats this issue of virginity in Elizabethan England in this play, Much Ado About Nothing, because he disagrees with the demand for Elizabethan chastity.
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Shakespeare Comes Alive!

The character Miranda, who is the only female in this drama, is given a value by Ferdinand, her would-be lover, and Prospero, her father. That value of her virginity is not monetary but has significant value as a way of demonstrating how she is untouched by man and, once lost, would be the most evident proof of paternity. The play was written sometime around and thus draws a lot of reference from Elizabethan culture. All parties involved with the culture, men, women, the church, considered female virginity to be a desirable commodity that should be protected.
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