Inherited facial traits

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что inherited facial traits
Traits are inherited and passed from parent to child through their genes. Some are passed from the mother and some from the father. Others depend on what traits are most prominent in both the parents, if they are dominant traits and if they run in the family. In a baby, there are certain traits belonging to both the parents that he will adopt.
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Are Traits Inherited from Parents to Offspring

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Traits that kids inherit from their fathers | The Times of India

We are all unique. Even though we share some characteristics with our peers and our family members, every one of us has a unique combination of traits. Some traits are controlled by genes that pass from parent to child. Others are acquired through learning. But most are influenced by a combination of genes and environmental factors.
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Are facial dimples determined by genetics?

Dimples—indentations on the cheeks—tend to occur in families, and this trait is assumed to be inherited. Dimples are usually considered a dominant genetic trait, which means that one copy of the altered gene in each cell is sufficient to cause dimples. However, some researchers say that there is no proof that dimples are inherited.
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Has anyone ever said to you, "You look just like your father! Why do brothers and sisters look similar, but different from each other? Why do you look like you do? The answer is heredity. Heredity means that traits are passed from parents to their children.
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