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By Anil Ananthaswamy and Kate Douglas. THE vast majority of cultures are patriarchies, where men are more likely than women to hold positions of social, economic and political power. So it is tempting to assume that this is the natural state of affairs, perhaps because men are, on average, stronger than women. Chimpanzees are not a proxy for our ancestors — they have been evolving since our two family trees split between 7 and 10 million years ago — but their social structures can tell us something about the conditions that male dominance thrives in. Common chimpanzee groups are manifestly patriarchal. Males are vicious towards females, they take their food, forcibly copulate with females that are ovulating and even kill them merely for spending time away from the group.
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The Subaltern Indian Woman

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The Subaltern Indian Woman - Domination and Social Degradation | Prem Misir | Palgrave Macmillan

If there's one line, one quote, that will endure from Captain Marvel , it'll likely be this one from Carol Danvers herself: "What happens when I'm finally set free? Danvers says this as she's coming to realize the true awesomeness of her powers. For years, she's had her past hidden from her, been gaslighted into believing she needed to rein in her powers to be a better warrior for the Kree. This was not true. She had been fighting "with one hand tied behind my back," and when she realizes who she should really be fighting for, her might is unleashed.
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The origins of sexism: How men came to rule 12,000 years ago

In a report from BI Intelligence, look at the online shopping habits of each gender and assess how this behavior is driving growth in mobile commerce. Interested in getting the full report? BI Intelligence PS. Did you know
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For Joe his marriage has been tough and it has not been made worse by the fact that they are in business together as well. His wife suggests separate vacations and he gets the high pressured sales people from the Femdom Vacation Resort to pressure him to try their free vacation trial package. He should have become wise to the sham when he found he had surprisingly signed a letter resigning and leaving his business to his wife. The vacation starts innocently enough with special transport, a medical exam and a battery of tests to see which vacation options might be best for Joe.
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